Idaho: The Land and Its People!
January 17, 2020

In October 2018, a fully renovated Idaho State Museum opened to the public after almost ten years of work by the Idaho State Historical Society and others. Located in Boise, this world-class museum provides more space for exhibitions of Idaho history in a fun, interactive experience for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy. Also featured in the museum is how Idaho’s unique landscapes, peoples, and cultures have shaped Idaho today.

This week, Idaho Legislators had the privilege of receiving personal copies of the newly released companion book, Idaho: The Land & Its People by Keith C. Petersen. This new publication features Idaho’s amazing history and explores stories of Idaho’s three geographic regions, including Idaho’s northern lakes and forests, Idaho’s centrally located mountains and rivers, and its deserts and canyons in the southern region.

A special thanks goes out to the Idaho State Historical Society for their work in helping Idahoans and visitors alike to better preserve and understand Idaho’s rich and unique past.