Governor Little delivers his State of the State Address
January 17, 2020

The Second Regular Session of the 65th Idaho Legislature convened last week in Boise. Legislators from all over the state gathered at the Capitol to begin the people’s work of balancing the state’s budget and considering proposals for new regulations and law. Representatives from Idaho’s Legislative, Judicial, and Executive branches joined together in the Idaho House of Representative chambers to hear Governor Little deliver his annual State of the State address.

During his speech, Governor Little emphasized a push for more investments in literacy, teachers, and Idaho’s public education system. Other highlights included a continued effort to reduce unnecessary government regulation, grocery tax relief for Idaho families, conservative budgets, promoting a strong economy, wise investments in public safety and corrections, and providing health care in the state that is more accessible and affordable for all Idahoans.

A number of inaugural events were held as part of the transition in the executive branch. Governor Little’s State of the State address is available for you to read on the Governor’s webpage at