Dr. David Moss gives presentation on the U.S. Constitution at the Capitol
March 7, 2019

Dr. David Moss, a professor at Harvard University’s Business School, visited Idaho’s Capitol last week to present his lecture on the U.S. Constitution. As the guest of The McClure Center, Dr. Moss gave a presentation in the Lincoln Auditorium entitled, “Bringing History to Life: Creating the U.S. Constitution.” Dr. Moss is the author of Democracy: A Case Study, which is an in-depth study on the history of American democracy. This case study grew out of a course he created for Harvard undergraduates and business school students. Today, both the course and the historical case studies are being introduced to high schools as part of the High School Case Method Project, which the professor oversees at Harvard Business School. At the Capitol, Dr. Moss met with 20 Idaho teachers who are using his high school curriculum in their schools.