Career Technical Education in Idaho
February 28, 2019

The Senate voted unanimously this week to approve Senate Bill 1105 (SB1105), which provides career technical education opportunities for middle school and high school students. Sixty percent of all new jobs require post-secondary training; however, many students believe that a four-year college degree is the only path to these jobs. The reality is that many of the new job requirements are met through other forms of technical education. Although many have recognized the need for more Career Technical Education (CTE) in Idaho, challenges have included the costs involved and access in rural areas.

To counter this challenge, SB1105 provides legislation that utilizes the existing Advanced Opportunities Program which already pays for CTE certification exams. This new legislation provides access to CTE courses in addition to the certification component alone. Students can gain valuable training as well as industry-recognized credentials and the confidence needed to enter the workforce. In short, the Idaho Legislature is trying to create a win-win scenario for Idaho students, families, communities and the Idaho workplace. Click here to read SB1105.